Top stories of the week January 21-27

  1. Lawmakers call for federal probe of postal time card fraud in Boston 
  2. Postal workers claim they’re targets after reporting issues at Virginia post office 
  3. Jakki Krage Strako named Acting USPS Chief Customer and Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President 
  4. St. Louis mail carrier says she was bullied at work
  5. Postal price hikes take effect tomorrow 
  6. Postal truck backs into pedestrians in Manhattan, injuring three 
  7. Cleveland: Is forwarded mail making it? People are having issues, post office responds 
  8. Louisiana Postal Worker Charged with Workers’ Comp Fraud 
  9. US Postal Service issues new Priority and Express stamps 
  10. Former Hospital Owner Sentenced to over 5 Years in Prison for Workers Comp Scheme that Paid over $40 Million in Illegal Kickbacks