St. Louis mail carrier says she was bullied at work

ST. LOUIS – A St. Louis mail carrier claims she was bullied on the job for months. Now, she’s on a leave of absence as USPS investigates the allegations.

The woman asked 5 On Your Side to hide her identity out of fear of retaliation.

She said she loves delivering mail.”You meet so many different people,” she said.

In 2015, she lifted a tub and felt a pop in her back.

“It shoots sharp pain down to my toes,” she said.

She knew the injury would affect her work on the streets. She didn’t expect to have a hard time, years later, at the post office station.

Source: | St. Louis mail carrier says she was bullied at work

  • GPS tracker slacker

    its a shame how carriers are treated on a daily basis . this type of behavior should not be allowed . the public has no idea how were treated . constantly bullied to go faster and work unsafe causing accidents . this once was a very hard job to get , now over 50% of new hires quit . i wish someone could find normal reasonable bosses who know how to speak and not scream all morning .

  • sue hamlett

    What you say is so true. I was a clerk for almost 18 years forced into the carrier craft and walked away from it all because I couldn’t stand the abuse. I was abused as a clerk, but could deal w/it better because I didn’t mind the job so much. I did not care for being a carrier and the constant harassment just wasn’t worth it. Abuse and hollering and screaming and carrying on is so prevalent in the postal service and it will never stop. It accomplishes nothing. The postal service talks a lot about safety, but they don’t really care anything about it and then if you do have an accident they try and twist it around so that it is your fault when they are the ones pushing go faster, go faster, more production. They only pay lip service to safety and unless you have worked for the postal service, most people don’t understand just what a terrible employer they are to work for. If the pay in the public sector was comparable, most people would not stay. Most people stay for the pay and benefits, not the actual job. Because of their abuse and the carrier job not being all that great (heat, snow,wind, dogs, rain, cold, etc) why would anyone want to stay? Treating people with dignity and respect and not hollering all the time would go a long way for retention.

  • crystal

    I wish I could knew of this interview to support the fellow postal worker allegations of bullying/harassment. As a survivor of workplace harassment, I had documented evidence of policy violations in 2014-2015. I submitted written complaints up the chain of command and filed multiple EEO complainants. Two years later, my EEO case was dismissed against the USPS Agency Attorney because I was allowed to remain on the time clock for 10 months before having a nervous breakdown and disability retirement from OPM. Yes, I understand your pain. Unless, you have a 10,000 retainer fee and another job, expect to lose it all for reporting it.