Lawmakers call for federal probe of postal time card fraud in Boston

BOSTON — A time card scandal at the troubled U.S. Postal Service now involves more than a dozen post offices around Boston, 25 Investigates has learned.

Investigative Reporter Eric Rasmussen found the new accusations about time card cheating came from two Massachusetts congressmen and involve a dozen postal facilities in the Greater Boston area.

U.S. representatives Michael Capuano and Stephen Lynch say nearly 100 post office managers are suspected of cheating employees out of overtime pay, according to a letter dated Nov. 30 they sent to the USPS Inspector General.

Source: 25 Investigates: Lawmakers call for federal probe of postal time card fraud | Boston 25 News

  • John Riley

    Postal managers are under pressure to meet unrealistic productivity and overtime goals so they take the “easy” way out. Hopefully they will be prosecuted and jailed.

  • Jim Freyler

    Agreed. I was a PSDS timekeeper for many years and when the PO switched over from PSDS to TACS and handed the duties over to management they were creating a perfect environment for fraud. All timekeeping work leaves a pretty clear trail so it should be easy to locate the cheaters. Fire them all and not just reassign them.

  • bulk mailer

    That won’t happen. I’ve seen huge f’ups and all the old-timers like have seen this too many times. “You got caught by one of the unions. Here’s a pat on the back and a promotion.”