USPS helps NC woman keep her mother from losing money in scam

BLACK MOUNTAIN, N.C. (WLOS) — “I’ve been talking to this guy. I’ve won Publisher’s Clearinghouse, for $100,000,” Debbie Mathis said her mother told her.Mathis, who lives in Black Mountain, said her mother told her she’d hit it big, and that she’d sent $500 cash to an address in Mississippi to make sure her prize would be paid out.

When Mathis heard that, she sprang into action.”As soon as you know, that you feel you’re the victim of a scam, contact your local post office and get that stopped right away,” USPS inspector Jessica Adam said.

Adams, whose office is in Charlotte office, said that initial letter is often followed by many phone calls.”He talked her into sending it overnight, expressing it, so, it actually ended up being to our benefit,” Mathis said.

Source: USPS helps WNC woman keep her mother from losing money in scam | WLOS