TV station gets results for Florida neighborhood having mail delivery issues

LAKELAND, Fla. — It happens to all of us every once in a while: Your neighbor’s mail gets delivered to your mailbox. People in a Lakeland neighborhood say that’s been going on constantly for several months.

“People are missing electric bills, utility bills, packages have never arrived,” Bill Hinson, who lives in the Lake Morton neighborhood, said.

Hinson reached out to the postal service, but he said all he got back was something that looked like a form letter.

“Saying we are handling the situation, but it never got any better,” he explained.

That is, until 10News reached out to them last week for an explanation. The postmaster paid Hinson a visit the very same day. She explained they’d had temporary carriers filling in.

Now, Hinson’s told, they’ve hired a permanent carrier for his neighborhood.“If you guys hadn’t gotten involved, there would be no resolution,” Hinson said, referring to 10News’ inquiry to the postal service.

Source: 10News gets results for neighborhood having mail delivery issues |