Video Shows Louisiana Carrier Throwing Packages

METAIRIE – It’s the busiest time of the year for delivery services and the U.S. Postal Service.

A Facebook video showing a mail carrier throwing packages at houses in the New Orleans area is drawing a lot of attention.

Pascal Barone shot the cellphone video on Saturday in his neighborhood near David Drive and Veterans Blvd. in Metairie. He said that is how the woman treated all of her deliveries, up and down his street.

Source: Video Shows Metairie Postal Carrier “Mishandling” Packages |

  • Michael

    All packages are tossed, shifted and tumbled throughout the entire shipping process. Catching the act on video won’t prevent the same type of handling during the transportation and sorting processes. Each package is “handled” multiple times during its journey and most packages are “tossed” into postal equipment when they’re sorted at the local delivery unit. If your shipper cannot safely package your item to survive a 5′ drop or a 15′ toss, then perhaps the shipper should pack to protect from the “handling” experience. Don’t expect special services by marking your box “fragile.” When your package is placed on the bottom of a pallet that is stacked 6′ high with heavier packages above it, don’t blame the delivery company if your item arrives broken. Don’t expect a white pillow treatment because it simply does not exist.

  • GPS tracker slacker

    blame the postmaster , they bully everyone to go faster and this is what you get out of the weak ones who don’t like confrontation . they cut corners to please the boss so they don’t get yelled at . this type of behavior continues and nobody seems to care

  • Bob Meyer

    I’m sure that package was damaged long before the carrier even touched it. We get blamed for all damages to packages that happen long before we touch it. We just have to scan it damage before we deliver it.