Ashes stolen from front porch of Tucson home

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -The postal inspection service is offering up a pretty hefty reward after a package was stolen from a Tucson woman’s doorstep. This wasn’t a Christmas present, it was something much more precious, a father’s ashes.

“This was the final step in the process of me saying goodbye to my dad and making the arrangements and sending him home here. And to know that he was so close and then taken. It just breaks my heart,” said Elyse Brink from her midtown neighborhood, near North Tucson Boulevard and East Grant Road. 

Brink said her neighbor saw the package on her porch right after it was delivered on Tuesday but when Brink got home she found no note from the postal service and no package. She searched all around the area even in the trash cans, but the package was no where to be found.

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Source: Ashes stolen from front porch of midtown home – Tucson News Now

  • Amazing_Kreskin

    Cremated remains should be sent by “Registered Mail” only. Registered mail has to be signed for by anyone who handles it. Express mail is being used more and more for cremated remains, but does not provide the level of security afforded by registered mail.

  • postalnews

    Not true- the only way USPS allows cremated remains to be shipped is via Priority Mail Express.

  • equestrian13

    Signature required too. I’ve delivered several priority express parcels with cremains in them. All required a signature.