Atlanta postmaster replaced amid late mail delivery complaints

We’re learning some things have changed at the post office, while others remain the same.

You may remember, when CBS46 first started investigating why mail delivery seems to always be behind schedule in Metro Atlanta, we tried tracking down Atlanta postmaster, Omar Coleman, at his office.

Instead of answering our questions, he hid behind his staff and avoided our cameras. Now he’s being replaced.

CBS46 News

Source: Atlanta postmaster replaced amid late mail delivery complaints

  • Ken Schoentag

    What’s not news is that this is happening all over the country. Staffing issues and managements failure to address this issue is an Area and Headquarters issue, The PMG and her staff give lip service to providing service and try to cut costs by failing to hire the needed staff throughout the country. Late delivery has been an ongoing issue for years and poor customer service is the new norm for the USPS. The name should be changed to Government Delivery Service rather than United States Postal Service. That at least would be an honest name that goes along with what the government provides as far as service goes in most government agencies.

  • GPS tracker slacker

    he probably got promoted to a bigger office . i have yet to encounter one post master with people skills . they treat everyone like crap . if your good at that your a postmaster