Post office investigates distressing delivery to Lansing home

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – A U.S. postal worker was caught on camera after literally throwing a package on the front porch of a Lansing home.

Vince Vincent has lived in his home that’s just south of Lansing’s downtown for nearly 6 years.

He says in the entire time he’s lived there, he’s never seen a mail carrier act so careless with packages until now.

“I was just shocked; I was like…is this happening in other places?” My girlfriend was waiting on a package and she was standing right here waiting for it and the mail man came up and just threw it like underhand like a softball,” Vincent stated.

Source: Post office investigates distressing delivery to Lansing home

  • Michael

    All packages are tossed, shifted and tumbled throughout the entire shipping process. Catching the act on video won’t prevent the same type of handling during the transportation and sorting processes. Each package is “handled” multiple times during its journey and most packages are “tossed” into postal equipment when they’re sorted at the local delivery unit. If your shipper cannot safely package your item to survive a 4′ drop or a 15′ toss, then perhaps the shipper should pack to protect the “handling” experience. Don’t expect special services by marking your box “fragile.” When your package is placed on the bottom of a pallet that is stacked 6′ high with heavier packages on top of it, don’t blame the delivery company if your item arrives broken. If the packaging it was shipped in couldn’t support the weight of the other parcels it is shipped with, blame the shipper.