Postal workers say falsified delivery records happening across the country

RIVERTON, Utah – Utah Postal Service workers said they’re being forced to fake package deliveries to make it look like they’re meeting quotas for companies like Amazon and now, others are saying it’s not just an issue in the Beehive State.

Fox 13 first reported the problems last week, starting with frustrated residents in Herriman. Several people said they noticed the Riverton Post Office kept scanning packages as delivered, but the packages would be MIA.

Then, two or three days later, the package would show up on the doorstep.

Many who commented online said they lived in various cities in Utah, but the comments expanded to other states including Ohio, Illinois, Florida, South Carolina and California.

In Atlanta, local postal workers made the same claim in a similar news story. 

“We have to falsify the timing where a lot of carriers don’t want to do that, but you’re mandated to with a director order,” a postal carrier said.

On Monday, Fox 13 spoke with a man who verified he’s a USPS carrier in California, and he said it is very commonplace to falsify package deliveries.

Source: Postal workers in Utah, across nation cite delivery problems

  • piastadik

    Check Westchester District, District Manager Conte orders his employees thru Bob Lukas HR Mgr, Bob Saumell and Dan Welch Postal OP Mgrs, Katianne Mein and Tom Dimargo to scan items even if they are not delivered or as soon as they arrive in the station, because their Pay Bonus is tied to the scores, check the scans arrives 8:21 delivered 34 blocks away at 8:22, where is the Office of the Inspector General Investigating this out right FRAUD

  • doowoplover534

    LOL, i’m shocked said the capitan in Casablanca when told gambling was going on in this establishment,Ricks Cafe.

  • Vincent F. Safuto

    I was talking to my mother today. She lives in Spring Hill, Fla., and said that my sister-in-law, who lives next door to her, was expecting some packages recently and asked my mother to keep a watch out for the mail person.

    My sister-in-law then said that she had gotten a notice that the packages were delivered, but my mother said she hadn’t seen anyone delivering packages and even checked the front door area, and there were no packages.

    She said she’d let me know if they ever do arrive.

    The cheating probably is happening all over the country now, and I am willing to bet that post offices are stacked to the rafters with packages awaiting delivery.

    The trouble is that the Postal Service is resorting to its fall-back mode, which is to send out the same boilerplate paragraph again and again when people complain of bad service. Then they wonder why people get so upset.

    But like I was told just before I quit in 1994, “We don’t want the service to be too good, because then we’ll have customers out the wazoo expecting good service.”

    Maybe Amazon should just buy the Postal Service.

  • Mike Negrete

    Not Only The Post Office But Ontrac and UPS are doing the same. UPS driver told me they have too many packages for their trucks and mail is being held at their facility so they are one day behind. Items falsely scanned delivered or attempted.

  • elkhornsun

    I have had three small packages show up in Amazon messaging as having not been able to be delivered. I have an oversize mailbox and the delivery times were in the morning and the USPS carrier never comes to my house before 2 pm at the very earliest. No longer safe to order small items including and books from Amazon with this situation which is more than a little ironic. No way am I going to drive 30 miles round trip to the post office and stand in line for an hour to get a $10 item I purchased from someone on Amazon.

    Republicans in Congress are the culprits. They created an artificial pension funding requirement to bankrupt the US Post Office so that their campaign contributors could privatize the postal service and get the kind of monopoly profits that we see with the phone companies and the energy companies.

  • KC Swiss

    Silly people; when the items are scanned a geotag accurate to within 10 feet is generated with the scanner ID (with users ID) and time. Print the information – go to USPS site, enter the number, screen shot with delivery info, and go to the office, or call 800ASKUSPS. They will give you that information and type of scan event which will let you know where and when it was attempted/delivered. If it’s an AMAZON, PARCEL, skip all that and make it THEIR PROBLEM! Best way because Amazon will hammer delivery service and Amazon might even sweeten the deal did your trouble