Top stories of the week November 19-25

  1. Homeowner’s security camera catches postal worker throwing packages 
  2. Missouri senator says USPS uses “emergency suspension” to close post offices indefinitely 
  3. As Postal Service Fleet Ages, Reports of Fires Grow 
  4. U.S. Postal Service: Florida man says he was refused a refund after package delivered empty 
  5. Murdered postal worker’s family gripped by heartache
  6. Postal worker accused of stealing blank checks from mail, spending thousands 
  7. Residents of Louisiana town fed up after mail found abandoned in the street 
  8. Mail carriers accuse USPS of faking Amazon delivery records so customers don’t get free stuff 
  9. Louisiana Postal Worker Charged with Mail Theft
  10. Chicago Residents Worry Keys Meant For Postal Workers Used to Break Into Homes