Homeowner’s security camera catches postal worker throwing packages

AURORA, Ohio — A homeowner’s security camera caught an outrageous delivery from a US Mail truck, and that has sparked a FOX 8 I-Team investigation.

The video shows a mail carrier just carelessly throwing packages out of the truck onto the resident’s driveway. It happened Saturday in Aurora.

Was the mail carrier just being lazy? Avoiding going out in the rain? Thinking no one was watching?

Source: Homeowner’s security camera catches postal worker throwing packages

  • ajayon

    Poor service and then compounds it because you are not suppose to pull in to driveways that you have to back out of (unsafe practice).

  • anangrylettercarrier

    Dumb carrier. You know that we can’t treat parcels like that in public! Just in the office.

  • doowoplover534

    More bullshit. Postal workers work hard for their money. He has a truckload of parcels to deliver .Each one has to be delivered to your door? Bullshit. In the rain? drop it in the driveway .He knows the contents were’nt going to be damaged.STROP with this slander on postal workers. Go inside to work to find out how hard they work ,being pushed be callous ,insensitive, who you know,hack supervisors thinking the workers are machines.

  • 007jayc

    clerks do worse than that when they separate them to the routes. They scan to see which hamper/route they go to, and then they are all thrown to the hampers. Cameras are always watching you, so don’t do it on the routes.