Top stories of the week November 5-11

  1. Atlanta USPS mail carrier explains why deliveries are coming late 
  2. USPS Selects Lockheed Martin to provide Enhanced Package Processing System 
  3. Wait until you see how easy it is to steal your identity at the post office 
  4. Mail not being delivered to unsecured mailboxes 
  5. Security camera catches USPS carrier throwing packages onto front porch 
  6. Massachusetts Postal Worker Charged with Embezzlement 
  7. Postal supervisors from Akron get prison for stealing marijuana, methamphetamine out of the mail 
  8. USPS to announce 2017 financial results on November 14 
  9. Truck and porta potty serve as Illinois town’s post office for more than a year 
  10. Package Delivery Services Hiring For The Holiday Season