Atlanta USPS mail carrier explains why deliveries are coming late

ATLANTA (CBS46) -Soon after we started investigating late mail deliveries in southwest Atlanta, we learned similar issues affect neighborhoods throughout the city.

People who live west of Midtown in Berkeley Park say it’s becoming an every day thing to get deliveries after dark. Several people noted in social media posts their mail came after 8 p.m. One woman described getting mail, not just late in the day, but late period.

She wrote, her bills were so late, some of the due dates were just days away.

CBS46 stopped by the nearest 30318 mail sorting facility, and we saw trucks coming in and out as late as 8:30 p.m. They were still delivering to their routes, even though their shifts started at 7:30 a.m.

Most of the mail carriers were too afraid for their jobs to speak with us, but one woman was brave enough to tell us what’s going on, provided we didn’t show her face.

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Source: Atlanta USPS mail carrier explains why deliveries are coming lat – CBS46 News

  • David Richert

    This crap is happening everywhere. Manglement keeping routes open to try and get pivots, for which they get bonuses if carriers do pivot. Manglement tries to show carriers having “undertime” every day by falsifying their numbers, doing things like using Base Street Time, which does not include a carriers lunch break. In my area the General Mail Facility is messing with their start times, so DPS is arriving at our office late, causing carriers to get out the door later. Out later, back later. I also think the only thing manglement will investigate was who the carrier is that spoke to the media so that she can be disciplined. The only thing they’ll do about the late deliveries is harass the carriers to try to get them to go faster and get back sooner.

  • GPS tracker slacker

    This is the norm . Some carriers are punching out 10 -11pm at night . Carriers uniforms are dark and that puts themselves in very dangerous situations . Postmasters work 3 hours a day , make over 100k and could care less about safety . Its all about the bonuses on the carriers back . How many carriers need to get robbed ? This is almost everyday now . Lets pray nobody gets killed even though its bound to happen .

  • J Can

    People cracked me up when they start talking about their bills were late cause they didn’t get it on time…If you missed a bill payment, that’s by choice. I’m sure the electric company Etc: Made a few Courtesy calls to let you know that you didn’t send your payment!!!

  • J Can

    late Parcels everyday…Even when the Parcels are 45 Minutes late, Manglement still want to give you a pivot. They don’t give a Faaack. When you start complaining, they try to initimidate the carrier by counting their mail or Walking their routes

  • Pe Te

    This has been going on for years ! Not enough qualified workers and too many chiefs.