Virginia: Mail carrier suspected in theft of gift card

BARBOURSVILLE VA – The following information was provided by reports from the Barboursville Police Department:FRAUDULENT SCHEMES: A mail carrier is accused of using a gift card from someone else’s mail to buy some items Oct. 31 at a department store in the 300 block of Mall Road.

The mail carrier was wearing a U.S. Postal Service shirt and had driven to the store in her mail service truck, according to an incident report. She was carrying a bundle of mail in her hands throughout the store, and she allegedly removed two of the store’s gift cards from the mail to make purchases.

The cashier let the mail carrier use only one of the cards, so she gave the other to the person behind her and used cash to pay for the remaining balance.

According to the report, the mail carrier then left the store and threw away the mail she had been carrying. Store employees retrieved the mail from the waste basket and alleged to police that it belonged to eight different people.

The suspect was unknown at the original time of the report, but police have since identified her.

Source: Barboursville police blotter: Mail carrier suspected in theft of gift card | News |