Security camera catches USPS carrier throwing packages onto front porch

FLORISSANT, Mo. ( -Home security footage caught a U.S. Postal Service carrier throwing a package onto a front porch in Florissant on Thursday afternoon.

The video was posted to social media from a person who lives on North Pointe Lane.  The video shows the carrier throwing the package, then the parcel hits a bench on the front porch, rolls to the ground and the carrier continues to walk back to his truck.

When News 4 showed the video to neighbors on the same street, they were discouraged and frustrated.

Source: Security camera catches USPS carrier throwing packages onto fron –

  • Debbie Dammann

    Oh please if you only saw how those packages are handled all through the process from point A to point B you would shut up and get on with your lives.

  • tsumani

    You are 100% correct! When the clerks “throw parcels” in EVERY office in the country…they can go much further then what is shown here.

  • GPS tracker slacker

    quit your whining Nancy , they get thrown much harder and further than that . you couldn’t do what we do on a daily basis .

  • djtransport

    Funny, they don’t mention if there was any damage caused to the contents of the package.