Tenant: Postal inspectors slow to respond to stolen Yonkers rent checks

YONKERS -Tenants in Yonkers say a mail thief recently stole rent checks from a mailbox – and they have yet to see a response from postal police.

Mike Uveges says he mailed his rent check from the USPS drop box on Yonkers Avenue near Kimball Avenue. His bank account showed the check had been cashed, but to the wrong person. Uveges told News 12 that the check “payee” section was altered, as well as the “for/memo” section.

His landlord says the same thing happened to nine other tenants who used the same mailbox. Uveges called the bank, which temporarily refunded his money, then called police who referred him to the postal police.

“They gave me a postal inspector number and said someone would contact me within 24 hours for more information, but I never heard from anybody,” says Uveges.

Source: Tenant: Postal police slow to respond to stolen Yonkers rent che