USPS seeks volunteers to work in Puerto Rico

USPS is accepting requests from employees who want to volunteer to work in Puerto Rico to help restore service following hurricanes Irma and Maria.

If you wish to participate, you must submit a letter of intent no later than Friday, Oct. 20.

Career and non-career employees are needed. Those selected will work in their assigned crafts. To cite two examples, letter carriers will carry mail, while mail handlers will support processing activities.

The Postal Service won’t pay travel, housing or per diem. You’ll need to arrange your own accommodations with relatives who live in the area — and you’ll need to state this in your letter.

You’ll get your regular pay, plus overtime when applicable.

Assignments will be made on a 30-day basis and evaluated at the end of each period to determine if the assignment should be renewed.

“This is not an assignment for everyone. But for some of you, it is an opportunity to extend your service in a place and at a time when it is needed,” said Northeastern Area VP Ed Phelan, whose jurisdiction includes the Caribbean.

More information, including instructions on submitting letters of intent, are available in a memo posted on LiteBlue.

Source: Volunteers needed | USPS News Link

  • manuel

    They should sent the Westchester District management staff, they are so ggod at telling everyone what to do with all their programs and lack of field experience, maybe they can revert all the jobs there and figure out how to do it better.

  • ahcuc50 .

    It just took the USPS almost 30 days to realize they not been doing their job! SMFH the mail don’t even show up on saturdays and only every other day on the week, how inconsiderate family are sending food on those packages, you guys over there not wanting to do the job you been getting paid while others lost their job!

  • Timothy Perrina

    Where is the Union in all of this? Are they not responsible for providing labor talent for the government? The Union should be the ones footing the bill for the relocation and reassignment of employees to the island.