Top stories of the week October 1-7

  1. House to Consider Cuts to Postal Retirement and Health Benefits This Week 
  2. USPS hikes shipping prices 3.9%, first class letter goes to 50¢ in January 
  3. Las Vegas gunman worked as a letter carrier in the 70’s 
  4. USPS Manager Sentenced to More Than Eight Years for Corruption and Drug Distribution Scheme 
  5. USPS responds to Washington Post story on delayed mail
  6. Bulk Mailer Sentenced to 2 Years in Federal Prison for Defrauding the USPS of Nearly $750K  
  7. ‘We are not stealing your packages’ – Utah ‘Amazon Flex’ driver speaks on harassment 
  8. California man worked for USPS 6 months, then filed fraudulent comp claim 
  9. APWU: Oppose the 2018 House Budget – Fight Again for Working Families! 
  10. Senator Tester Meets with Postmaster General Following Reports of Delayed Mail