Racist fliers found inside Maryland post office

CAPITOL HEIGHTS, Md. – Racially charged messages have been popping up throughout the D.C. area. Now, postal inspectors are looking into racist fliers that were found inside a Maryland post office.

The fliers are shaped like business cards and one of them said “White Lives Matter” on it. Another flier had the words “New Order” while also displaying a swastika. On the back of that flier, it calls “for a rebirth of racial idealism and calls for a great historic movement of white men and women working to build a better future.”

Most of the staff at this Capitol Heights post office on Edgeworth Drive has been working here together for decades, which is why the discovery of the fliers found on a table inside the facility’s cafeteria has made many of them uneasy.

Source: ‘White Lives Matter’ fliers found inside Maryland post office – Story | WTTG