Mississippi letter carrier pepper sprays dogs repeatedly while dropping off package

OXFORD, MS (WMC) -Two Oxford dogs were pepper-sprayed by a United States Postal Service worker. The whole thing was caught on camera, and now the USPS is investigating.

The dogs’ owner, Holly, who doesn’t want her last name used, was horrified when she saw the video captured on her home surveillance camera showing the postal carrier spraying the dogs at least 12 times. She looked at the video after she was affected by the spray when it transferred onto her after she touched her dogs.

“Very angry, very angry. These are sweet puppies,” Holly said. “I didn’t realize what had happened until I had rubbed by eyes and my eyes started burning. I went about my business, and I rubbed my eyes, and they started burning and burning.”

WMC Action News 5 – Memphis, Tennessee

Source: Postal carrier pepper sprays dogs while dropping off package – WMC Action News 5 – Memphis, Tennessee

  • Jeffrey Mark Iles

    why were the dogs out? dogs out no delivery, why is that hard to understand? if the dogs came out of nowhere ie under a porch, under bushes you have the right to mace the dog

  • Frankie Pazo

    If you know a dog would be present from past experience . Then be cautious.. I never spray from my truck . . First I would see if the dogs are friendly and just barkers .. if that doesn’t seem fit .. I would call supervisor . and then leave a note ..

  • Frankie Pazo

    Why would the woman request a package confirmation pickup. . Even though he sprayed the dog while inside the truck , may cause for proper training . Do law enforcement go to proper training when they shoot to kill . do they get disciplined . ? Yes two different jobs same scenario . But We as carriers have Loopholes . Dog out . No pickup or delivery final answer .

  • common sense

    “dogs out no delivery, why is that hard to understand?”

    Yup- and the customer says that would have been fine with her:

    “Holly says she understands why he may have sprayed Colonel the first time, but she wonders why he ever got out of the truck.

    “If there is a dog loose in the yard, the postal carriers are instructed not to enter the yard,” Holly said after talking to the postmaster in Oxford.

    Holly says that is fine. Other carriers have just left a note in the mailbox saying there is a package for pick up. ”

    That’s not what this bozo did. He sprayed the dog repeatedly, and then sprayed a second dog who didn’t appear threatening. If the carrier was so afraid for his safety, why did he get out of the truck? Now the dogs both have reason to consider the mail truck and carrier, as threats.

  • equestrian13

    I have problem dogs at 2 houses and that is all. The rest are sweethearts and fuzzing barkers lol. When I have a new customer that have dogs, I ask about them. Are they friend or foe. If they are friend, I have them introduce them to me. I have yet to have a problem that way.

  • burger king

    I like people like you. you seem to care about dogs and I think dogs can sense those who are scared. and they realize if you are scared, then danger is just around the corner