Postal worker and mother of two vanishes in North Houston

A mother of two young boys has been missing for nine days, and family members are asking for help to find her. Gayla Roy was last seen dressed in her US Postal Service hoodie, leaving the main post office complex on Houston’s north side. She never made it home.

“She was last seen by her coworkers at 6:30 a.m on Monday (September 11,) said niece Senecia Reamo. “She actually talked to her dad, she was in the car, getting off of work.”

Reamo, who babysits Roy’s five year old and 10-month-old boys, expected her aunt to return to the Sunflower Terrace Apartments following her overnight shift at the Postal Service. When she didn’t, family members began making calls.

Source: Postal worker and mother of two vanishes in N. Houston |