Top stories of the week September 10-16

  1. Former mailman sentenced to 2 years probation for dumping 15K pieces of mail in DC sewers 
  2. Schumer asks USPS: Where’s Larchmont’s mail? 
  3. Indiana: Neighbors upset USPS will only deliver to one side of newly reconstructed street 
  4. Hurricane Irma no match for nation’s smallest post office 
  5. Wisconsin postal worker charged with theft 
  6. USPS operations return to normal in SW Florida after Irma
  7. Mail carrier brings hope to woman after cancer diagnosis 
  8. Prison Sentence Ordered For Man Who Blew Up Postal Service Mailbox 
  9. Delinquents steal mail out of mailboxes, open letters exposing personal information 
  10. Picketing the post office