Indiana: Neighbors upset USPS will only deliver to one side of newly reconstructed street

NEW ALBANY, IN (WAVE) – It’s been years since construction first started on a major road that connects the east to the west in New Albany IN.

The nearly $6 million McDonald Lane project added numerous safety improvements, including uniform mailboxes on both sides of streets.

Right now, only half of the mailboxes are being used because the United States Postal Service will only deliver to one side of McDonald Lane.

“This improvement has been talked about for over 50 years,” New Albany Public Works President Warren Nash said. News, Weather & Sports

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  • RandyF

    Didn’t the residents have to cross the road before the improvements? The line of travel is not an easy thing to change. Not only would the route need to be remapped but, software programs would need to be changed for the mailing industry to used. ZIP+4 numbers would need reassigned and then incorporated into the schemes the automated machinery uses to walk sequence the routes mail.

    It’s not easy and it’s not cheap. Perhaps the town should have talked to the USPS about their plan before just going ahead and then expecting the USPS to just go along.

  • Freddy King Evony

    let me guess… Randy F is a supervisor.

  • RandyF

    You would be incorrect.