USPS Rio Grande District Resumes Most Operations

SAN ANTONIO, TX — Today the U.S. Postal Service Rio Grande District will resume providing postal services on a limited basis, including some mail delivery and collections, and retail services at Post Offices recently affected by Hurricane Harvey where possible in Texas ZIP code areas beginning with 779, 782,783, 784, 785 and 789, which includes the Rio Grande District’s Gulf Coast, Central and South Texas areas affected by the storm.

The Postal Service urges customers interested in information about a specific Post Office to call 1-800 ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777). Operators have been provided specific information regarding delivery and retail services for each office in the areas affected by the hurricane.

“Postal Service employees are making every effort to provide service as soon as possible to all of our customers in the areas affected by the storm.” said Rio Grande District Manager Steven Hernandez. “We sincerely appreciate our customers’ understanding and cooperation as we recover from the storm.”

In order to assure mail delivery to your affected area, please observe the following:

  • If your mailbox is badly damaged or destroyed, please replace it with a secure, USPS approved receptacle with your address clearly displayed in order for your letter carrier to leave your mail at your residence. Mail cannot be delivered unless an appropriate receptacle is provided.
  • If your residence is uninhabitable, please contact your delivery Post Office to request a 30-day hold on your mail. You should complete a Change-of-Address card to facilitate the delivery of your mail to a valid temporary or new permanent address. Change-of-Address cards are available at your local Post Office. Change of address information can be also filed on the Postal Service website at
  • If you file a temporary change of address, be sure to cancel it once you return to your residence or if you file a new temporary or permanent change of address.

The Postal Service makes every reasonable effort to deliver mail in many difficult weather conditions. We are currently monitoring roads conditions in the affected areas.  Decisions regarding mail delivery service will be made on a location-by-location basis, depending on the severity of conditions.  Safety is the primary concern for the Postal Service.  Keeping employees and customers safe is our most important goal.

Customers with questions or comments about their mail service can contact their local Post Office. Customers may also call toll-free 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777) or send an e-mail to the Postal Service by clicking on Customer Service at the bottom of the Postal Service’s home page.

Updated information on Post Office operations will be posted to the USPS Service Alerts website accessed through and the PostalPro website,

Postal Service employees in the hurricane affected area are being advised to check for changes to their scheduled work reporting status by contacting the USPS National Emergency Notification Hotline to determine if any special instructions have been issued. The toll-free Hotline number for U.S. Postal Service employees is: 1-888-363-7462. Postal employees are reminded that it is critical they use the USPS National Employee Emergency hotline not only to obtain information on their facility status, but to use Option #5 to report their condition as well.

A list of Post Offices in the areas with ZIP codes beginning with 779, 782-787 and 789 are resuming operations or partial operations on Tuesday, Aug. 28, 2017 follows.
The following offices have resumed street delivery operations and PO Box delivery. No retail services are available:

  • Corpus Christi, Stonewall Station, 10515 Stonewall Blvd., 78410.
  • Corpus Christi, Southside, 6742 Weber Rd., 78413.
  • Corpus Christi, Flour Bluff, 10139 Security Dr., 78418.
  • Corpus Christi, Gulfway, 1345 Crescent Dr., 78412.
  • Victoria, James Moody, 2804 Sam Houston Dr., 77904.
  • Weesatche, 195 W. FM 884, 77993.

No retail or home delivery services are available; however, PO Box delivery available,  at the following offices:

  • Berclair, 15864 US Highway 59 S., 78107.
  • Bloomington, 41 E. 2nd St., 77951.
  • Corpus Christi, Downtown Corpus Christi, 802 N. Tancahua St., 78401.
  • Driscoll, 201 W. Main, 78351.
  • Enda, 603 Rose St., 77957.
  • Edroy, 17916 Highway 234, 78352.
  • Fannin, 9931 US Highway 59 N., 77960.
  • Goliad, 151 W. End St., 77963.
  • Inez, 126 Church St., 77968.
  • Ingleside, 2230 State Highway 361, 78362.
  • La Salle, 1999 FM 616, 77969.
  • La Ward, 13059 State Highway 172, 77970.
  • Lolita, 8966 FM 1593, 77971.
  • Nursery,12685 Nursery Dr., 77976.
  • Odem, 223 Main St., 78370.
  • Placedo, 5037 FM 616, 77977.
  • Skidmore, 122 E. Patricio St., 78389.
  • Taft, 110 Victoria Ave., 78390.
  • Thomaston, 264 Fordtran Rd., 77989.
  • Tynan, 508 Highway 359, 78391.
  • Vanderbilt, 5825 FM 616, 77991.
  • Refugio, 507 Osage St., 78377.

Other impacted offices
Retail and delivery operations, including PO Box delivery, have been suspended at the following offices:

  • Aransas Pass*, 634 S. Commercial St., 78336.
  • Austwell, 611 Vandenberge St., 77950.
  • Bayside, 715 Third St., 78340.
  • Columbus,
  • Fulton, 301 Cactus St., 78358.
  • McFaddin, 2207 FM 445, 77973.
  • Meyersville, 2233 Meyersville Rd., 77974.
  • Point Comfort, 3 Lamar St., 77978.
  • Port Aransas, 1211 State Highway 361, 78373.
  • Port Lavaca, 1201 Half League Rd., 77979.
  • Port O’Connor, 611 W. Adams St., 77982.
  • Rockport, 1550 FM 2165, 78382.
  • Seadrift, 518 S. Main St., 77983.
  • Telferner, 319 FM 1686, 77988.
  • Tivoli, 211 W. Scott St., 77990.
  • Victoria, CPU Rogers Pharmacy, 4402 N. Laurent St., 77901.
  • Westhoff, 16 Houston Ave., 77994.
  • Woodsboro, 501 First St., 78393.
  • Victoria, Main Office, 312 S. Main St., 77901.

As further changes to USPS operations are identified, updated information will be posted to USPS Service Alerts website accessed through and the PostalPro website,