Bravo to North Dakota mail carriers who helped others

The Jamestown, North Dakota Sun hands out these bravos this week:

Bravo to two rural North Dakota mail carriers for the U.S. Postal Service who helped people in need while on their mail routes. Josh Hefta, of Minto, and Meredith Gozdal, of Drayton, received the Postmaster General Hero Award this week. Hefta was delivering mail in January when he heard 94-year-old Alice Paschke calling for help from inside her home. She had fallen and couldn’t reach the phone. Hefta broke down the door to help Paschke, who has since recovered. Gozdal was on her mail route when she noticed an elderly resident’s mail piling up. She called the resident’s house, checked the garage and eventually called police for a welfare check. Police found the resident unresponsive, and the resident was rushed to the hospital and survived.

Source: Bravo to mail carriers who helped others | Jamestown Sun