Wild turkeys chase letter carriers in Stamford CT

The Stamford Advocate reports that letter carriers in the city are being targeted for harrassment by wild turkeys:

Michael Gregonis, a Department of Energy and Environmental Protection wild turkey program biologist said once the birds lose their fear of people, they tend to target the elderly, children and, surprisingly, mail carriers.

“It’s likely they target mail carriers because they come every day — it’s a routine that’s set up,” he said.

It’s gotten so bad for Stamford mail carriers that the post office sent a letter to Turn of River residents, requesting they stop feeding the turkeys.

“From what I’ve been told, this has been happening to carriers all summer, and it’s just the mail carriers they’re chasing,” said Kevin Stewart, a postal service supervisor in Stamford. “Sometimes they’ve said people in the area have to come out and chase (the turkeys) out with a broom.”

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