Excessive post office heat frustrates workers, customers

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Air conditioning problems at a post office on Sunbeam Road in Mandarin have customers and federal employees heated.

A clerk, who asked not to be identified, told First Coast News the facility’s air conditioning has been out for two months and they recently learned repairs would take an additional eight weeks.

Customers standing in long lines for 30 to 45 minutes say the conditions seem unbearable.

Source: On Your Side: Excessive post office heat frustrates workers, customers | Firstcoastnews.com


  • Marcus1956

    I could have a repair service out there tommorrow.

  • Robotnik

    The San Bernardino processing facility had leaky messy bathrooms. They contracted to have this one toilet, 2 commodes, 2 urinals, 4 sinks, upgraded for $160k. 5 months later, it looks like it did before. All they did was apply make-up to the problem, which still exists. Down the toilet, or a kick-back from a friendly contractor to a postal honcho? In any case, the taxpayer was ripped off. It could have been repaired for $500.

  • Richard Pisz

    The Union, NJ post office has had issues like this for YEARS and nothing was done. In one instance, I measured the internal temperature at 88 degrees….plus very high humidity. There was only ONE fan in the building, which the parcel post workers placed near their work station. The Postmaster at the time told the janitor to REMOVE the fan and put it downstairs, where no one benefitted from it. Nothing was done…..all employees cowed and intimidated by belligerent management and a hostile work environment. I was the only one who wrote to the District Manager about it. Result? NOTHING. One carrier was brought to the hospital when she collapsed from heat exhaustion. Result: NOTHING. Our employee bathroom was a total disgrace for years…..black mold, nonfunctioning urinals or sinks, ripped screen with tree branches growing in…..and lack of either soap or toilet paper. We were once at a stage where the employees had to bring in their own toilet paper to clean themselves. NOTHING WAS DONE for MONTHS! Totally insane and unacceptable under any normal standards. But the USPS is not “normal”.