Central Florida customers cry foul over Amazon delivery mistakes

WINTER PARK, Fla. – Richard Hornsby expected to find a toy for his son purchased and shipped for free thanks to his Amazon Prime subscription at his home last weekend.

The company said it had been delivered, but when they returned to their Winter Park home, it was gone.

“We just assumed that the package had been stolen,” Hornsby said.

They found out later, though, that the Amazon delivery driver had put the package in the mailbox and the U.S. Postal Service mail carrier had picked it up.

Source: Central Florida customers cry foul over Amazon delivery mistakes | WFTV

  • Melody Gannaway

    Yep! Only USPS can use a mailbox.

  • Sam73065

    The customer needs to see Amazon for a refund of the additional postage. It’s always been very clear that nobody other than the USPS is allowed to use mailboxes.

  • howie t

    Fedex has been using mailboxes to leave small packages for several weeks now. Postmaster says because of agreements that we have with fedex, to leave them in the boxes.

  • Robotnik

    I’ve been getting Amazon and Walmart packages delivered by private persons in their personal vehicles. Are these people bonded? I doubt it, plus I don’t like un-uniformed people in non-official autos stopping at my house to deliver. WUWTh?

  • Aaron Lavender

    that’s bs

  • equestrian13

    That’s a load of crap and not true. Remove them and take them back to the office. The PM is being lazy and not wanting to contact Fed-ex and inform them they have to pay postage.

  • equestrian13

    I was standing at a bank of CBU’s several days ago. A car came flying in, went to a house and flew out. He had the back hatch window open with parcels hanging out and parcels sticking out the side windows. Not sure who he was, to my knowledge, Amazon doesn’t have their own delivery in our area, nor does Walmart.