Ohio postal worker who went on amusement park rides while “too injured to work” injured pleads guilty

The former West Carrollton postal worker too injured to work but allegedly seen vacationing and riding amusement park rides reached a plea deal Monday with federal prosecutors.

Laticha Schroyer’s trial on counts of theft and false statements related to federal workers’ compensation benefits was to begin Tuesday in Dayton’s U.S. District Court.

Instead, Schroyer, 43, pleaded guilty Monday by bill of information to one count of misdemeanor false statements related to federal workers’ compensation, which ended a case her defense attorney said was “absolutely” overcharged.

Source: Postal worker who went on rides while injured pleads guilty

  • Sam73065

    Somebody might mention to her attorney that there would be no question of being overcharged if she had not been committing OWCP fraud. Honestly if they didn’t yank her pension and hang her, she was let off easy. Why should any honest hard working postal employee show any sympathy for a crook among us?