NALC contract ratified

The active membership of the National Association of Letter Carriers has overwhelmingly ratified the proposed 2016-2019 National Agreement with the United States Postal Service. By a margin exceeding 16 to 1, eligible members voted to accept the tentative agreement that was announced on May 12. The vote to ratify was 78,935 to accept the agreement versus 4,732 to reject it, as reported by NALC’s Ballot Committee chaired by Joseph DeRossi of Jamaica, NY Branch 562.

NALC will officially notify USPS of the August 7 ratification date.

Information on back pay and the implementation of the new contract will be released as soon as possible.

The new contract covers a 40-month term from May 16, 2016, to Sept. 20, 2019.

Source: News & information | National Association of Letter Carriers AFL-CIO

  • paul

    It’s really sad that NALC represents about 180,000 active letter carriers and only about 83,000 bothered to vote on this contract. I guess those other 97,000 members couldn’t spare the five minutes required to vote and mail in their ballots. It’s the same reason why we have career politicians who don’t represent their constituents, people can’t be bothered to vote.

  • Rolando

    What’s even worst is how many people voted yes into thinking this is a good contract. Shows you people will believe anything union tells them

  • Amazing_Kreskin

    Oh the humanity!

  • hollywood

    The union told me you are a fool .

  • JY

    The NALC made one heck of a sell job to convince most of the members to vote yes on the contract. I voted against the last two. I saw them both as money losers from the standpoint of the letter carrier’s wallet. These increases benefits them too. Our dues goes up when we get raises.

  • Lori Stevens-Hogue

    NALC has stated it will “take some time” to calculate back pay. Are we to believe there is a room full of little men in suits with calculators … doing this MANUALLY???

    Gosh, how much $$$ in interest is accumulating, whilst we WAIT thru more delays.

    Just how long will back pay be delayed??? Five more years? Stall … delay … stall … delay … stall …

    I smell BULLSHIT !!!