Postal worker caught on camera tossing packages in Edmond neighborhood

EDMOND, Okla. – Caught in the act: A United States Postal worker was caught on surveillance video, on two different occasions, throwing packages.

Now, residents in Rose Creek are speaking out.

“People are reporting broken and damaged properties,” said resident Mindi Mackey.

Residents living in the neighborhood are upset. They’ve caught their mail carrier on several occasions tossing their packages and now, they’ve had enough.

Source: U.S. Postal worker caught on camera tossing packages in Edmond neighborhood |

  • Ahmed

    Picking up mail is not letter carrier job, it is just a favor! Folks are getting damage in the head thinking complete laziness is modernization. No law was broken, she dropped the boxes appropriately if fragile was written on it then it is a different story. Carriers are dealing with tons of parcels daily; there is no time for sexy delivery.

  • Ashamed of Kansas

    Writing fragile on the box means nothing unless you back that up by paying for special handling. THEN you’ll have some stickers on the box that mean something. Otherwise, everyone expects that just writing something on the box means they get more for their money than anybody else. We ought to have some commercials that show boxes falling on top of smaller boxes into gigantic containers the way it actually happens during automation at the plant. Anything a carrier does to a package is usually much less liable to damage something than what the machines do. If this isn’t acceptable to customers they need to pay twice the cost and ship it with somebody else. That’s all that really matters to them anyway, is their money, and if they won’t pay for the services they want, they shouldn’t gripe about what they get.

  • Ahmad

    “Picking up mail is just a favor”?

    WTF planet are you from? You’re trying to sell people a service. If you think you have a right to a paycheck just because you do “favors”, maybe you need to find another job?

  • common sense

    Jesus- you people really hate the customers that pay your salaries, don’t you?

  • retired too

    If the contents aren’t packaged well enough to take a “toss” as shown then they’re improperly shipped. If anyone thinks that was rough handling they know nothing of how items are moved from here to there.

  • proudcarrier

    So many people have this vision of a carrier carefully carrying a single package back to the post office, then gently handing it to a truck driver to carry to a sorting facility where everyone handles one parcel at a time. I worked one Christmas at a small sorting facility that handled over three million pieces of mail per day. Most are sorted by machine but that still leaves a lot of mail to sort. It is don quickly and efficiently, but not one piece at a time. Packages have to be wrapped to keep the contents safe and secure. I’ve seen the craziest things, from a cardboard box with glasses and a decanter and a couple small shreds of paper to a plain envelope, no padding at all and a one ounce first class letter stamp holding a wedding ring. How that ring got through the machinery without tearing the envelope, I don’t know. And it got from New Jersey to Florida in two days for how ever many pennies a stamp was then, delivered after the bride had her wedding dress on to go to the church.

    So, not treating every package like the crown jewels in no way means we hate our customers. Many customers become good friends, but other customers do little but bitch and moan, then try to get carriers fired for their (mostly) imagined slights. I can tell a lot about a person by how they treat their letter carrier.

  • Satisfied Customer

    This postal carrier has covered my route for several years and she is the best carrier I’ve ever had. Because I can be away for weeks at a time, she has always stepped in to make sure my mail needs are covered. She even gave me her cell phone number in case I ever needed to make a last minute change to my vacation mail handling while away. No issues with broken packages or missed mail. I’d rather get rid of the complaining neighbors and keep the postal carrier. This really sucks to possibly lose her!