Mail Found Thrown Away In Dumpster In New Rochelle

NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Some pieces of mail in New Rochelle never found their way to their destination, ending up instead in a dumpster.

As CBS2’s Jessica Borg reported, a regular and unassuming dumpster stands in the loading dock area of the New Rochelle Post Office. But images taken of its interior speak volumes.

A concerned citizen snapped the pictures showing hundreds of pieces of illegally discarded mail. One was a letter from a college to a resident on Sickles Avenue, while another was addressed to Nilda Del Valle Heller and her husband.

Source: Mail Found Thrown Away In Dumpster In New Rochelle « CBS New York

  • Fickle

    The postage section indicates these are ‘irritants’called presorted mail, folks normally dumped them in garbage anyway. Go to any Post office, you will find them in the dumpster-these mail cannot be forwarded!

  • jm

    There isn’t much too see here. Presort standard mail aka junk mail class by default is disposed of when it’s considered UAA – undeliverable as addressed. Rarely, the sender requests forwarding or return service, but for the vast majority, the dumpster is fair game. Now, if something seemingly inportant like a “letter from college” is being mailed junk mail class, the college needs to stop trying to save maximum costs by using junk mail class, and pay first class like everyone else. But, I would easily suspect it’s just junk mail that’s made to look important – hook, line, and sinker to the consumer.