NAPS calls USPS early out rumors “fake news”

The National Association of Postal Supervisors says it has been receiving calls about a rumored early-out offer for supervisors and managers. NAPS says the reports are “fake news”.

“Old news” is probably more accurate- it seems that the rumors started with a web site owned by someone who claims to be a financial planner. The site posted what appears to be a story from the Federal Times that was published in 2013.

We covered the story at the time- here’s our report: Early outs to be offered to managers, supervisors and postmasters (September 5 2013).

The “financial planner” web site has apparently removed the old article, but the rumor had already started to spread.

Here’s the statement from NAPS:

NAPS HQ has been receiving calls and emails concerning an article that is being attributed to the Federal Times titled “Early-Out Offer For USPS Management Likely Coming September 16th.” This article quotes supposed comments made by President Louis Atkins on this issue. NAPS HQ has validated with Immediate Past President Louis Atkins that no such interview has occurred and that he has not made any statement to the effect that is being attributed to his name in this article. NAPS HQ is reiterating that NAPS has not received any correspondence that an early out event will occur.

NAPS views the correspondence that is being attributed to the Federal Times as fake news.

Source: The National Association of Postal Supervisors

  • Postal Pete

    No way it will ever happen under Brennan who is adding more useless supervisors and managers,not cutting back while shrinking the number of people who actually move the mail.