OSHA complaint may have led to closure of Pulaski VA post office

A complaint made by a postal service employee may have prompted the temporary emergency closure of the Pulaski, Virginia Post Office.

Leni Fortson, a federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) spokesperson, said OSHA received a complaint from a USPS employee June 15 alleging there is mold, lead paint and broken asbestos floor tiles in the Washington Avenue facility.

OSHA contacted USPS and the employee regarding the allegations and the postal service responded June 30, according to Fortson. However, she said USPS’ response was missing items such as photos, training documents and an abatement plan, so additional information was requested.

Source: OSHA complaint may have led to closure | The Southwest Times

  • rightawrong

    In Westchester District NY there have been several OSHA and safety complaints to the District
    have been suppressed with whistle blower retaliation by Human Resources Manager Bob Lukas 914-697-7152, and Labor Manager Kathy O’neil 914-697-7154, and Safety Manager Kathleen Hranowsky 914-697-7200 leading the way for hiding and losing complaints and information. No A/C in some units, LLV vehicles with no parking brakes, balding tires, and lack of brakes some of the issues, other offices have garbage piled outside because of no custodian which is safety and health issue. The District management staff drive vehicles without seat belts and some have suspended licenses.