West Virginia HCR driver pleads guilty to possession of stolen mail

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – A Logan County man pleaded guilty today to possessing stolen mail, announced United States Attorney Carol Casto.

Keith Lee Caudill, 25, of Mallory, faces up to five years in federal prison and a $250,000 fine when he is sentenced on October 5, 2017. Caudill has also has agreed to pay restitution as part of his plea agreement.

Caudill was a Highway Contract Route Driver with the United States Postal Service who distributed and collected mail along a rural postal route between Logan and Holden. Caudill admitted that on November 7, 2016, he was found in possession of 31 pieces of stolen mail that he had illegally opened and otherwise removed from the mail.

The opened mail was recovered from a cooler in the front of his vehicle. Caudill admitted to agents of the United States Postal Inspection Service that he had stolen approximately 100 pieces of mail from along his route. He typically stole greeting cards, believing the cards were more likely to contain cash or gift cards. Caudill would keep the cash, attempt to redeem the gift cards, and destroy the greeting cards.