Postal workers caught: What’s being done to prevent theft at your post office

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -A business owner took action when money sent to her in the mail mysteriously disappeared.And she wasn’t the only one getting ripped off. Her complaint sparked an investigation into one of many postal employees caught stealing the mail they are trusted to deliver.

Terry Williams is one of the most recent former postal employees who pleaded guilty to stealing greeting cards, gift cards and Netflix DVDs. Investigators say when they caught him, he had more than 330 greeting cards


Source: Postal workers caught: What’s being done to prevent theft at you – KCTV5

  • ???

    550 convictions for $340 million. The numbers don’t add up. This is over 1/2 million dollars per occurrence.

  • Mr.Zip

    The reason for the big increase in theft of mail by postal employees is the labor contracts signed by the union presidents that have allowed management to have 20% percent of the workers be casuals or non-career employees,a huge increase from under 10% before 2011,making half what regular workers make with no benefits.Postal management is only interested in more cheap labor and cares little about the big increase in thefts that is a result of this.

  • N Vee

    Inflated numbers make for a better story. Cheap labor is no reason for theft or destruction of customers mail and packages. There will always be a percentage of bad employees in any occupation.

  • burtoby

    How about the fact that felons are being hired? I’ve read this here on Postal News. I’ve had supervisors tell me that when they find out after employment begins, and fire them, HR makes them take them back. They(HR) say they(supervision), cannot use information gleaned outside the hiring process. Well then, improve the interview process or admit the USPS is desperate for anyone dumb enough to apply. A lot of the new hires have zero work ethic and no inkling of what responsibility is. We’re toast.

  • piastadik

    In Westchester NY the HR Manager and the District Manager on a teleconference told Postmasters to not report theft to the Inspectors because it would bring bad press and effect everyone’s bonus, most theft in New York is in the Westchester Plant where HR and District Manager are located