Video: Ride along with a mailman in USPS truck with no AC in 100 degree heat

EL PASO, Texas (CBS4) — One person who never quits when it gets a little toasty outside is your local mail carrier. Postal carriers work long hours, sometimes walk far distances or get in and out of the car hundreds of times a day.

A letter carrier’s job requirement is literally to be driving around — outside — all day — in a car — with no air conditioning.

CBS4 met one USPS city letter carrier who takes the heat like a champ. Michael Duran said despite the occasional triple-digit temperatures, he has absolutely loved the past 19 years delivering mail in El Paso.

Source: Easiest way to make your mailman happy in triple-digit temps? Offer cold water | KDBC

  • breighz

    I used to tape white paper to the street side of my visors to reflect the sun. It may have helped, or maybe a placebo effect.

  • Anonymous

    No sympathy right now for postal because one driver did not look both ways our Son was hit and lost his life at the age of 33!!! Im sure all drivers are probably cautious but in a blink of an eye and a careless mistake WE LOST HIM!!!

  • Speak D Truth

    I don’t know the circumstances but I do know that those vehicles have large blind spots created by the door frame and the side view mirrors. Also, Depending on the time of year and weather it is possible that the heat affected the driver’s cognitive abilities.

  • Anonymous

    No heat was no factor! It was Feb.the charges were failure to stop and improper Uturn. Misdemeanor charges took him from his wife, daughter parents and so many more

  • David Hochstettler

    I splash water on me to cool off

  • stampthis

    Ah, the fond memories heat or not.

  • Kelli Gray-Moody

    I’m so sorry 🙁

  • Nelson Marquez

    try yuma az in the 120s