Top stories of the week June 18-24

  1. Angry Delivery: Mail Carrier Caught on Camera Swearing, Throwing Package 
    New England Cable News
  2. Trump’s attacks on fed workers unite employee organizations 
    Federal News Radio
  3. APWU and Mail Handlers Union Send a United Message to PMG Brennan Denouncing “Wholesale and Massive Job Cuts.” 
    APWU News
  4. OIG: USPS loses millions on shortpaid PC postage parcels
  5. APWU Geared Up to Fight Back Against USPS Reductions in Service and Jobs 
    APWU News
  6. LLV goes up in flames in Ohio
  7. The list: 6 discontinued delivery methods 
    USPS News Link
  8. Video: Scam artists using U.S Postal Service to steal identities 
    WIVB TV Buffalo
  9. Arbitrator says postal workers are entitled to admin leave to vote in caucuses 
    NPMHU News
  10. Disney Villains to be Celebrated on Forever Stamps