Angry Delivery: Mail Carrier Caught on Camera Swearing, Throwing Package

A Littleton, Massachusetts, family is outraged after they say their mailman (a career rural carrier hired in 1997) swore repeatedly and got rough with their mail.

The family said they’ve been complaining about their mail carrier for years, but it wasn’t until the U.S. Postal Service saw video from the family’s new security camera that they took action.

Why mail carrier Peter Kerrigan was aggravated, we don’t know. But as he delivered a package to the Caffarella’s Littleton home, he was seen swearing profusely. “I was just flabbergasted. I had no idea where all this anger was coming from,” homeowner Darcey Caffarella said.

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  • doowoplover534

    I have worked for the US Postal Service for 38 years,now retired!! Long enough to know that postal management has a lot to do with the morale of the employees .Unreasonable productivity demands ranks at the top of the list.Postal management treats it’s employees as if they were machines. Why don’t that lady’s camera follow the supervisors around as they get haircuts, go to a movie ,or extended lunches , all on the clock ,going home early,abusing their positions.Leave postal workers alone .They have difficult jobs as it is without a camera up their ass.

  • Anthony Whiner

    You people really don’t get it, do you? What’s so “unreasonable” about expecting you to do your job without swearing and throwing a customers property around? I’m sure this woman could care less about your boss’s haircut, or how mean those nasty bosses are to you! She didn’t cause your alleged problems- she’s PAYING you to do a job! If your boss has done so much damage to your fragile self esteem that you can’t do your job, then leave!

    Think about what you’re saying- you think (with absolutely no evidence or knowledge of the situation) that this guy has been driven to irrational behavior by his boss. And yet he’s stayed on the job FOR TWENTY YEARS!!!

    What’s wrong with this picture??

  • Richard Pisz

    I just retired after 41 years….you’re spot on and totally correct! One cannot work in a system that condones and allows such abuse and hostility from dysfunctional management without suffering greatly. Management is a closed cabal of cronies and nothing is done about it.

  • N Vee

    It’s not the customers fault for any employee and management dealings. So bringing up treatment of employees is no reason for angry attitude or careless treatment of mail and packages.

  • doowoplover534

    Let this happen to you and see how you act, you numb jackass. Everything so black and white to fools like you. NEVER knock anyone unless you walked in their shoes.Easy to talk when you know NOTHING about the situation…Don’t twist what i said. Unreasonable demands is when you have work that is impossible for one man to finish. That;s why they have 1,2 ,3 or more man routes. Think asshole Do you think this man worked for the same supervisor for 23 years ? Get a brain .This is the postal service ,not your neighborhood candy store. You are to ignorant to answer ,to tell you the truth Comment when you know what your talking about,fool.

  • doowoplover534

    Human Beings ,not dummy’s like you in a store window, NORMAL people are effected by their surroundings and what they experience everyday . We don’t know what happened to affect this man’s behavior.I DO know a little about the Postal Service and the Gestapo tactics they use against their employees.Think a little deeper .The man had a truckload of parcels to deliver . Don’t be so critical .

  • Marcus1956

    I am 61 years old with 20 years with the Postal Service. I work in a Processing Plant and can express Postal Management creates a hostel work environment for employees. That being said 99% of us do our job and care about our service. Some people sadly fall to the hostility and pressure and fail us all. This people that fail need to go.

  • Anthony Whiner

    OK, so tell us EXACTLY what the situation is. Name names- who treated him unreasonably- you claim to know exactly what happened, so tell us all about it. I assume you work at the Littleton PO?

    I’ll tell you what I know for sure- you will never believe any postal worker (or at least any postal worker who has the same job title as you) can ever do anything wrong, even when they’re captured doing it on video. It will always be someone else’s fault. You’ll blame his boss, “the system”, even the victim!

    You’ll claim it’s dehumanizing, unreasonable, and yet YOU WILL NEVER QUIT!! What’s wrong with you? Normal people don’t stay in jobs they hate- or is this the only thing you know how to do?

    Hey- ya know what? I just thought of the perfect job for you- Trump’s looking for another press secretary! You have the “NOT MY FAULT” attitude down pat! Go for it!

  • Anthony Whiner

    “Don’t be so critical”

    And then you call the VICTIM a “heartless piece of garbage”?

    And what’s this about “We don’t know what happened to affect this man’s behavior”?


    In your other comment you claimed to know exactly what happened! Which is it?????

    BTW- the woman got a camera because their house had been broken into, the way many normal people do, not to catch this loser.

  • Lynn

    So the fact that they did show you the hole day was good enough for you! Not the fact that he was already having a bad day drop it on his food before getting out of the van, also this stupid bitch said she called all the time yeah right they also changed there story both times they were on the camera for this same station and plus what there doing is illegal so how bout you get the full thing befor you assholes comment on shit


    Is it possible he has torrets syndrome?

  • Anthony Whiner

    Hey Lynn! Just a thought- maybe if you’re gonna go get hammered right after work, put the phone away, and resist the urge to post comments online?

    Hope you feel better after yo sleep it off!

  • kk29

    Without knowing anything about this carrier, I can guess that the work environment these days had something to do with it. At our station stress is through the roof, and morale fell through the floor long ago. And USPS does nothing about it, yet continues to increase the workload and negativity. What do they expect from all this?

  • Jeffy

    Absolutely right! No carrier can ever do anything wrong- and even if he or she does, it must be someone else’s fault!

  • Vinz Clortho


  • Jeffy

    And yet you stayed there for 41 years? That doesn’t make any sense!

  • lwas714

    I am not justifying his actions at all, but if you actually worked for the USPS you would understand a little bit more.

  • lwas714

    “Normal people don’t stay in jobs they hate- or is this the only thing you know how to do?”

    Do a little research. A very large majority of Americas dislike or hate their jobs, and stay for a majority of reasons. The security of having a job, benefits, salary, good hours, no college ,retirement package etc etc. You make it sound so easy, to just quit and find something else. Corporate America sucks the life out of their employees now, and places like the USPS, UPS do it on steroids.

    The guy was dead wrong, for throwing the package, customers don’t deserve that, but as long as no children or customers and neighbors were in ear shot, he can curse to his hearts content as far as I am concerned, some people release their stress that way,
    I wonder if he was ever written up, for being a bad carrier according to this woman, and there are also customers, who live to bitch, moan and complain about every little thing that people do. After reading your post, are you always so arrogant, and ignorant to other people ?

  • Jeffy

    So you’re saying this actually could be the carrier’s fault? You must be a manager.

  • Anthony Whiner

    Absolutely- blame the victim- it’s the American Way! And I’m sure he checked to make sure that “no children or customers and neighbors were in ear shot”!

    It was caught on tape, genius.