Postal Service investigating after video shows mail carrier kicking packages up Utah driveway

LEHI, Utah — The Postal Service is apologizing and pledging to take action after a video posted on Facebook shows a mail carrier kicking a pair of packages up a driveway.

The video was shot in Lehi Friday.The footage, which is embedded below, appears to show the carrier dropping the packages near the sidewalk before kicking both packages several times to maneuver them up the driveway into the vicinity of the door.

Source: Postal Service investigating after video shows mail carrier kicking packages up Utah driveway |

  • Barry W Ledoux

    That’s not a postal uniform.

  • Elizabeth Keith

    that is not USPS. not a city carrier, nor a rural carrier. that is ONTRAC!! Amazon’s third party system.

  • Heather Ludlow Travis

    Could easily be a rural carrier we don’t wear uniforms. Either way I don’t believe what he did was going to hurt those packages they go through far worse treatment when they are transported and sorted. It merely looked like he was sliding them them up the drive with his foot not kicking and toppling them around. Really can’t see the point myself it appears they were light enough to be carried and it would have probably been quicker too. He’s just lazy.

  • postalnews

    FYI- the guy was driving an LLV- he’s a USPS employee- not all USPS delivery workers get a uniform- mainly rurals and CCAs. I’ve added another video from the same customer that clearly shows the postal vehicle.

  • Frankie Pazo

    My District Is UTAH… I work in Boise . And if the training being taught in Utah is this way in Delivering then I am making a request to Be a Carrier trainer .. and show them the proper delivery method..

  • Marcus1956

    If it is a Postal Worker, they should be fired. It could be Illegal Non-Postal Workers hired by Postal Management. It has happened in Dallas, Texas.

  • Ohio Carrier

    This is a big problem with the younger generation everywhere….lazy and feel entitled. This sort of thing would have never happened 5 years ago, it all began with the non career CCA’s.

  • dean

    pledged to take action? the Carrier should be fired on the spot

  • Good

    The public only blame the carriers who throw packages and mishandle packages. The truth is that most package damages(>90%) have already happened before the carriers take over those packages. Most damages happen during transportation and dispatch process. At every postal office, almost all the packages, big and small, light or heavy, are thrown from a particular spot into those big steel cages set around that spot. This is a real throw. All the packages fly in the air through a long curves and finally land in the cages. Of course, some of them land on the steel edges, steel coners, or even on the concrete floor. Only those exceptional big or heavy packages are carried to the particular cage. But finally they are still throw into the steel cages and many other packages in the cage may be damaged. I frequently see some packages beginning to leak or breaking to pieces after throwing into the cages. The way that the carriers throw packages can’t compare with the way the office stuff throw the packages at the postal offices, both from the strength and distance. How many changes can you see that the packages begin to leak or break into pieces after the carriers throw them on the porchs? The way the office stuff throw packages are under the eyes of the postmaster and the managers and is approved by then. This is one of the standard procedures for handling packages. Therefore, the apologies from USPS is super hypocritical/two-faced/phony. In order to reduce the package damages, they have to change their whole system. It is useless/misleading to blame the carriers.