I want to make the news media aware of the condition of James Garza who was the victim of a shooting at point blank range on May 31 at the Southeast Post Office in Houston over a handicap parking space. In the video clips I’ve watched online, the news media states that James is going to be okay. Well he’s not okay and he is never going to be okay. He is fighting for his life and not expected to make it through the night. This is such a tragedy. James is an attorney in Houston, 67 years old, 5’8 about 150 pound man. The shooter claims he shot him in self-defense. James had no weapons of any kind and has never been in an altercation in his life. Where was the threat to this shooter’s life? This man should be behind bars. He is a threat to society. If his fuse/temper is so short that he wants to kill a man over parking in a handicap parking space after hours at the Post Office, then he shouldn’t be walking around as a free man and definitely shouldn’t have a gun. This idiot with a gun decided to kill James, a father of 4, grandfather, son, brother, uncle, brother-in-law, cousin and friend to many people. James and his family are enduring more than anyone should ever have to. They at least deserve justice in this case.