Alabama mail carrier accused of feeding dog meatballs with nails

MADISON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) -Some homeowners in Madison County say their mail carrier fed meatballs with nails in them to their dog.

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office is investigating, as is the  U.S. Postal Service.

The homeowners say they saw the mail carrier throw out something on two separate occasions near the mailbox off Woody Circle. What they say they found next was disturbing. It was a meatball with three nails in it.

Their dog, Missy, who’s outside a lot, had to get a checkup to see if she had swallowed another meatball and sure enough, she had two nails in her stomach. Montgomery Alabama news.

Source: Madison County mail carrier accused of feeding dog meatballs wit – Montgomery Alabama news.

  • common sense

    Well, fair is fair- after reading this story and the one from Grand Rapids, I’d say the carrier in this case should be euthanized.