Video: Charlottesville VA residents say they’re not getting mail- carriers blame short staffing

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) -NBC29 is investigating a postal problem plaguing Charlottesville. Those using the United States Postal Service (USPS) say their service is spotty and in some cases, they haven’t seen a delivery in at least a week.

Postal carriers out on the road Wednesday say the mail delay is due to a staffing shortage. They add something has to change because the mail isn’t being delivered on time.

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Source: Some Charlottesville USPS Customers Say They Aren’t Receiving Ma – NBC29 WVIR Charlottesville, VA News, Sports and Weather

  • retired too

    Since the evidence would indicate people aren’t getting mail in a timely manner and the workers are racking up massive overtime and still can’t keep up should one believe the statement from Postal Management that, hey everything is normal? If so the HR person in charge of staffing needs to be looking for work, perhaps carrying two routes a day?

  • Joseph Vega

    Whats happening here in elpaso,texas is the new CCAS are quiting as fast as they are hired and they used to call in from a route and say come pick up the LLV and the mail so now the USPS has decided that new hires will be in trouble leaving mail unsecured with the LLV so this will stop new hires delaying the mail .But most think the job is easy until they get a route that they don’t know and they fall behindand then quit so no mail delivered to the customers.

  • retired too

    The CCA program is responsible for many of the current customer delivery complaints. You’re right.

  • Edward Araiza

    Somebody is full of excrement, every piece every day!!! Dog issues? I couldn’t imagine having a weeks worth of mail piled up at my case, CCA’s do need to be made career employees.

  • IIlIIl111

    And as is the case at my office, every CCA is worked into the dirt!!! I couldn’t image coming in as a carrier now. I’d probably quit too. I believe somebody in Washington is still thinking PRIVATIZATION……………….make “customer service” a dirty word, drive the Postal System into the sewer. with overworked uncaring employees………and when the citizens have had enough, they say “WE have to Privatize!!!”