Video: Postal Service Loses Family Heirloom

(CBS) — It was a treasured family heirloom and it got lost in the mail.

Now the family wants to know how something like this could happen. CBS 2’s Pam Zekman investigates.

“It was my sister’s who had passed away,” Joe Camphouse says.He’s referring to an antique set of silverware, eight place settings in all, made in the 1920s by the Rogers Brothers company.

“It’s like when you sit down to dinner she’s there, you know,” Camphouse says. “It’s something that represents her.”

Source: Postal Service Loses Family Heirloom « CBS Chicago

  • Nancy Hawkins

    Should have been sent registered

  • greg

    still should have been delivered

  • Robert Welch

    Oh, Come on! Look at the box! It is a reused amazon box. You can blame the post office all you want, but sometimes it is the negligence of the customer mailing the item. First they re-use an old box, then they don’t insure it and then they send it standard mail. How important an heirloom was it when they cut every corner possible when mailing it? I would bet money it was not even packed properly. The silverware was probably just dumped in the box loose with no cushioning. I’m terribly sorry this happened to them, but everything can’t be blamed on the post office.