Video: Congressman Wants Hearing On Mail Forwarding Flaws

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The US Postal Inspector’s Office’s response to a Call Kurtis investigation on how easy it is for a scammer to re-route your mail isn’t sitting well with a local Congressman.

Rep. Jerry McNerney (D-Stockton) is not happy with the Postal Inspector’s response to the inquiry and is calling for a hearing on Capitol Hill.

Call Kurtis investigation in November revealed how easy it was to re-route someone else’s mail. We filled out a form with a producer’s information, changed her address to the CBS13 station, and days later the mail started coming here.

McNerney didn’t like what we uncovered and demanded answers in November, sending this letter to the Postal Inspector.

Five months later, we questioned the Postal Inspector’s Office for not responding to McNerney‘s letter.

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  • Joe The Mail Man

    I posted on this before. I suggested making it possible for customers to set up a PIN number on the usps web site for change of address or hold orders. If they want to continue to use change of address cards then make it change of address cards only. Change all valid ID cards to be submitted with the change of address cards and send new ID cards to new address with pictures of recipients picture on item and signature required for content with restricted delivery. Only that person can sign for it.
    Or just do away with the change of address cards. On line change only.