Video: No Fix For Flaw That Lets Scammers Redirect Your Mail

STOCKTON (CBS13) — Six months after CBS13 exposed how easy it is for anyone to re-route your mail, the U.S. Postal Service has yet to announce a fix.

Rep. Jerry McNerney (D-Stockton) is now calling for a federal oversight hearing, forcing the head of the Chief Postal Inspector to testify.

After a scammer re-routed Frank and Rebecca Ronquillo’s mail without their permission, they learned that person tried to open a credit card in Frank’s name. His blood pressure medicine also ended up going to the scammer.

Source: No Fix For Flaw That Lets Scammers Redirect Your Mail « CBS Sacramento

  • paul

    How about a requirement for USPS to send a confirmation notice to the old address asking the customer to confirm the change of address is valid before processing the request?

  • equestrian13

    They already do that. The problem is that sometimes it will show up months later

  • paul

    Well then it would seem that is the problem that needs to be corrected. It should be received by the customer within 72 or so hours.

  • Joe The Mail Man

    Here is an idea. How about letting all customers set up a usps PIN number on the web site and the pin can be used to change their address. How difficult does it have to be. No more change of address card. On line change only.

  • Vinz Clortho

    Like it was said already. They send two confirmation notices. One to the old address, and one to the new. I see it within one or two days of the official COA date. I have yet to see a confirmation not sent. I have also seen this sort of fraud happen before, and will attempt to leave a not to the resident if something seems suspicious