Livermore CA residents buy new mailboxes after theft, vandalism; say USPS should have helped

LIVERMORE, Calif. (KGO) — California is seeing a big increase in mail thefts. It has been a particularly big problem in the East Bay. ABC7 News has discovered that Livermore residents have been buying new mailboxes when it’s really the post office’s responsibility.

After thieves stole their mail and broke their cluster box at the end of January, Julie Herd called the postmaster inspector to report the problem and find a solution. “The post office wasn’t exactly helpful,” she said. “They referred me back to the local post office who then referred me back to the hub, who then so helpfully told me it’s not their responsibility to fix the post office boxes.”

Source: Livermore residents buy new mailboxes after theft, vandalism say USPS should have helped |

  • LetFreedomRing

    Let me share my little experience: I too, live in a condo in Long Beach that has a cluster mailbox. Back in April, the box was vandalized and all locks basically destroyed. Our Home Owners Assoc. assured us that the box would be replaced a.s.a.p – and that’s “ALL” they told us. Mail delivery stopped, and not only is it now two months later, and still no real sign of the new box being installed, (but with lots of reassurance from our H.O.A. that it will be… ‘soon’, of course!), but most of us residents didn’t even realize that the mail was not being delivered because no one informed us that service had stopped, nor were we informed by either our H.O.A., nor by the U.S.P.S. where our mail was going, how to get it, etc, etc..

    If the box is the responsibility of the U.S.P.S. as this video says, then why haven’t “they” replaced it by now, and if not replaced it, why not at least inform us what to do and what’s going on with our mail? If it’s indeed the responsibility of the “owners”, (that’s NOT “us”, the residents, obviously, that’s the H.O.A.), then how long do we have to wait for them to replace the darned thing, and shouldn’t it then be “their” responsibility to keep us informed on what to do, where our mail is being routed to, etc.? … and here, I wasn’t even worrying about it, at first, only because of the H.O.A.’s assurance that they were going to fix it immediately. (What a joke!)

    I’d gladly fix my box, if I could, but the damage to the entire 18 unit box is what’s required to get our delivery service going again; and besides, even if one or two boxes did lock properly, the mail carrier would still not be delivering the mail to my address! Why should “I”, the individual, who has absolutely no control over “if” and “when” this gets fixed, have to suffer with no delivery service in the meanwhile, and be left in the dark this way? The H.O.A. isn’t suffering. Our USPS carrier isn’t suffering.. (if anything, they’re having it easier!) The only ones suffering, are we the residents, who have our hands tied and can do nothing! It’s beyond frustrating to me.. it’s almost as “criminal” as the damage done to our mailboxes initially was.

  • GR

    Is it really a question of “suffering” or just putting the responsibility of fixing a piece of personal property on someone else’s back. So why is the HOA responsible for your personal mailbox? They don’t own it. Would they be responsible if you had a mailbox (with post) installed on the curb outside your house? You get a mailbox when you buy a house and delivery of your mail (and obtaining a key) is between you and the USPS. I’m just trying to understand. Maybe the next thing that will happen is that HOA’s (including all members) will be sued because the mailbox wasn’t strong enough to keep a thief from stealing some personal information–and that resulted in credit fraud. A thief recently broke into a cluster of 10 boxes by breaking the backside of the box. The optimal solution would be to get those 10 homeowners to split the cost of a 10 cluster box (about $150) and replace it with a new one. What are the chances they would agree to that?