Bankers group tells PRC to keep USPS price cap

In a comment letter to the U.S. Postal Regulatory Commission today, ABA advocated for maintaining stable postal rates based upon the Consumer Price Index.

Given that the banking industry is one of the largest users of the Postal Service, ABA emphasized that its members are committed to stable pricing and common-sense postal reform that would allow the USPS to continue operating in an efficient, self-sustaining and affordable manner.

ABA’s letter comes as part of the PRC’s 10-year review of the rate system. ABA pointed out that the current system is working, with the Postal Service generating $610 million in operating profits in 2016, and urged the PRC to keep the current rate structure in place.

However, the association did recommend that the USPS improve workshare pricing — that is, discounts offered to mailers that perform activities that reduce the Postal Service’s cost. Providing greater discounts could help lower the effective cost of mail, and in turn allow mail to remain an attractive, affordable option for customer communication.

Source: ABA Advocates for Stable Postal Rates | ABA Banking Journal

  • lostmechanic

    another group that wants something for free, not happen, Wonder how bankers would feel if we put max rate on the loan interest rate, like 3x fed rate, boy would they start screaming then.