Video: Larchmont NY asks “Where’s the mail?”

When Adrienne Harrison asked her fellow Larchmont residents over Facebook if they were having mail delivery issues, she expected a response or two. Instead, she got 160.

“It must be Monday — no mail delivery AGAIN,” one person responded.
“Had no idea the rest of 10583 was suffering!” said another on the members-only Facebook page, Love Larchmont.

Rather than a small nuisance limited to her street, Harrison, who lives on Hall Avenue, had stumbled onto a village-wide mystery going back years.

“I’ve lost my trust in the United States Postal System,” she said. “Did someone just dump all our mail out in the middle of nowhere?”

The United States Postal Service said Tuesday they were conducting a “top-to-bottom review of postal operations in Larchmont to ensure every effort is being made to meet our customers’ expectations,” according to George Flood, a spokesman for the USPS.

Source: Larchmont: Where’s the mail?


    Maybe the problem is Human Resources Manager is moving Postmasters all the time
    because he has issues with everyone.

  • James Soderquist

    has nothing to do with postmasters moving around. they don’t deliver the mail.